Familia regala britanica are origini evreiesti

The Truth About The So Called British “Royal Family”: They are ALL Jews!

For the last few years, I have been telling people that the British “Royal Family” are absolutely not as they seem.  I have already put up several articles in this blog that reveals how the “Queen” herself has been involved in both pedophilia rings and in murdering those who she sees as a threat to her reign.   I have said that these people are absolutely not British in any aspect, but are criminals, frauds, and have absolutely no rights to the British throne at all..

Now, I want to reveal through an article from my friend, Whitewraithe, who writes the blog: Pragmatic Witness, at www.pragmaticwitness.com, the facts that  explain that not only are these people criminals, but they are also ALL Jewish!   I have that amazing article, entitled: “Britain’s Jewish Royal Family” right here for everyone to see for themselves, and I do, of course, have some additional thoughts and comments to follow:

Britain’s Jewish Royal Family
What we have been sold is no less than the groundwork for the imposition of a future Jewish Monarchy in Great Britain. And engineered by the House of Rothschild, whose relations and puppets on Wall Street and in the City of London are responsible for a deliberatly created international financial crisis aimed at creating a one world currency system, a one world bank and a New World Order, one world government.

As one Royal insider commented “An insecure immigrant Royal family who have never felt at ease with the British people, and always more secure with immigrants and outsiders, and an alliance with the richest Jewish family in the world, heads of what is increasingly being re-Christened “The Jew World Order, who also seek to raise their status, is perceived by the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh as the best guarantor of their family’s future and safety. In short, we will one day see a Rothschild Royal family.”

Kate Middleton with her Jewish mother
Many people still cannot get Kate Middleton or why she, a supposed ‘commoner’ would marry Prince William.  But hidden right under our noses is the truth the controlled mainstream media is hiding. Kate Middleton is a Jew from a maternal line of non-practicing, assimilated and poor Sephardic Jews aligned to the Church of England. Her mother whose maiden name is Goldsmith, practicing or not is Jewish and under Jewish law if the mother is Jewish then the children are Jewish, therefore the children of Prince William will be legally Jewish….especially as William, under Judaic law, is also a Jew!

Under Jewish law if William and Kate have children their children will be Jews!


Diana princess of Wales’ big Jewish nose

In Tina Brown’s book ‘The Diana Chronicles’, the author claims that Princess Diana’s Jewish mother Frances Shand Kydd had a long-running affair with Sir James Goldsmith during her marriage to Earl Spencer. She suggests that Diana who was born in 1961, was Goldsmith’s love child and not Spencer’s daughter. Even so the fathers line is irrelevant as Jewishness travels down the matriarchal line and Diana’s mother was a Jew.

The Goldschmidts, like their neighbors and relatives the Rothschilds, had been prosperous merchant bankers in Frankfurt, Germany since the 16th century.(Wikipedia). In 1773, Mayer Rothschild invited Goldschmidt, (Goldsmith), Schiff, Oppenheimer, Warburg and eight other ambitious Jewish businessmen to his goldsmith shop. Together they formulated a long term plan to seize control of the world’s wealth over many generations and to impliment the commands of the Holy Talmud that Jews be the chosen people to control the world, while non-Jews (Goyim) would become their slaves. They made a pact to secretly pool their money and influence to bankrupt the nations of the world and create a New World Order. In effect they have been for centuries the ruling Learned Elders of Zion.

‘Uncle Evelyn’ de Rothschild, head of the house of Rothschild and international Jewry, attends a royal birthday party

The original and current Jewish definition of a “born Jew” is a person whose mother is Jewish. Judaism is passed down in a matriarchal lineage. Prince William’s mother, Princess Diana, had a Jewish mother (Frances Ruth Burke Roche; a Rothschild) and she likely had a Jewish father (though his lineage would be irrelevant under Jewish law). That would make William – Jewish.


Diana shares a striking physical resemblance to the children of Sir James Goldsmith – Zak Goldsmith, Ben Goldsmith and Jemima Goldsmith. They are allegedly Diana’s half brothers and sister.
Following the Rothschild protocol of interbreeding to keep the power and wealth all-in-the-family, Diana’s alleged half brother Ben Goldsmith wed Kate Rothschild in 2003.

Princess Diana’s other alleged half brother, Zac Goldsmith, divorced his wife after he was elected British MP. He is now living with Alice Rothschild. This Rothschild-Goldsmith couple is also expected to marry.

Many people were perplexed why parliament should recently, during one of it’s most busy sessions since the war, have enacted a law allowing Catholics to ascend to the throne. What perplexed them was that the issue was not even on the horizon and there was simply no justification at that stage to use valuable parliamentary time dealing with it. In the light of this theory we can better speculate what was going on.  This was an ‘en Passant’ means of allowing Jews to take the throne on the basis of the ‘equality’ and ‘diversity’ our cultural Marxist Queen so greatly cherishes.

People have also always been mystified why Charles married Diana in the first place given that he was deeply in love with and had a long-standing relationship with Camilla Parker-Bowles. But that marriage made perfect sense if the family simply wanted Jewish children for a future Jewish monarchy. Whether the relationship lasted or not was of little importance once the the children were born and how convienient that Diana went the way of a wife of Henry the Eighth.

But the Kate-William marriage also perhaps explains Prince Charles’s dictum that should he be ruler he would seek a constitutional change that would remove him from sole governance of the Church of England to become the leader “Of all faiths.” Such a constitutional move would give Judaism parity with Christianity allowing a Jewish member of the Royal Family, for example if it were a woman, to ascend to the throne and to join Sir Evelyn and Nathanial de Rothschild, or their successors, as the current Learned Elders of Zion; heads of the coming New World Order tyranny.

And so the Rothschilds attended the royal wedding in more ways than one!

The plan was there all along, in front of our uncritical, brainwashed eyes

However, the Talmud states that the leader of the world Jewish takeover would be a King, meaning that should a male Jew ascend to the throne such a King would then himself not only be the senior Elder of Zion but also the long awaited Messiah; The King of the Jews. As there are no remnants of the ancient Jewish royalty, and in order to fulfil the prophesy, Jewish royalty must be re-established, and it appears from this evidence that the current British Royal family has become the vehicle of choice.

At last we come to understand the old Masonic claim that “Jerusalem will be rebuilded here, in England’s green and pleasant land.” The King of the Jews will rule the world from London where the ‘square mile’ of London City no longer belongs to the English people but was long ago sold to the Jews. His castle may well sit on the site of the last Olympic games; an area stolen by the state from the East Londoners who lived and worked there, perhaps in the long term for this very purpose.

Could the New Jerusalem be built in the ‘square-mile’ or could it be built on the Olympic site which was surrounded during the event by the Jewish and Masonic symbol of triangular, pyramid floodlights? Could the arena of the Olympic stadium become the site for the rebuilding of the temple? Could the Talmudic plan to bring back the child-sacrifice of the old Babalonian religion be at last accomplished here in an increasingly godless nation well on the way to becoming so morally depraved by Jewish-controlled media, celebrity worship and entertainment that paedophilia could eventually be legalized?

Incest and pedophilia taught to five year olds in BBC designed sex education programme in UK schools while brainwashed parents look the other way. Jewish education secretary Michael Gove said, “A properly informed child has better sex.”
Source: Daily Mail Newspaper UK.
Returning to the Kate-William marriage, there was rather chillingy a lot of speculation before the bethrothal from mostly anonomous sources in comments on YouTube and Forums, in horoscopes and in the view of psychiatrists, that the Kate-William marriage would not last. Who knows, perhaps a more Royal second bride is in the waiting for such time as Kate has delivered her Jewish babies to the Royals?

Some have speculated about the fact that, as one woman who moves in Royal circles and interviewed for this report commented; “Kate seems to live in a permanent state of orgasm!” Her inane smiling which is now regarded as a permanent aspect of her character has been put down to a lobotomy and indeed photographers have caught what appears to be a lobotomy scar on her forehead. Was this lamb prepared in advance for the slaughter? No embarassing Diana here for the Royals?

Kate’s lobotomy scar? Correct area for the surgical procedure.
On a related point Royal rumour has it that Prince Harry is under great pressure, especially from the Queen, to marry a black woman to help promote the racial genocide of the indigenous British people through mass immigration, cultural Marxism and Zioncorp promoted miscegenation. A series of Jewish and far-left MPs such as Margaret Hodge, using mass third world immigration and fixed housing lists in the East End, have already succeeded in almost wiping out the Cockneys in this effort.
The white race is still after all the only stumbling block and threat to the total world Jewish dominance and the subjection of the Gentiles as servants of the Jews, as demanded by the prophets and god of the Holy Talmud, a book who’s contents are never publically discussed and which has never been fully translated, is a core demand of the Rothschilds, as much the leading family of Talmudic Judaism as the Queen is of the Church of England.
(Talmud commands respecting non-Jews):


The Queen famously threatened in her 2010 Christmas Speech “The future face of Britain is the face of the Commonwealth.”

i.e The end of the white race in the United Kingdom!

It is increasingly understood abroad that the populations of the Western world, dominated by Jewish owned media and reporting, including the British sheeple, are the most brainwashed people in the world, brainwashed from birth as a matter of fact by Rothschild controlled education, media and entertainment. (Rothschilds control for instance Reuters, Associated Press: AP and most of Hollywood through front companies, and Jews control publishing, bookselling and whose books get printed which is why you will never find a book challenging the existance of the holocaust in any bookstore and at least three major blockbuster movies a year from Hollywood perpetuating the myth, all of which receive rave and uncritical reviews and massive world-wide promotion in the Jewish controlled media. In the UK the Director-General of the BBC’s wife and children are Jewish while SKY News is owned by Richard Murdoch whose mother was a pious Jew. All British newspapers are directly or indirectly controlled by Jews as are the British film, music and celebrity industries. The Speaker and Leader of the House of Commons and the education secretary are Jews, the Prime Minister and leader of the liberal democrats have Jewish family connections. In fact the prime Minister is a direct descendent of King David. Many in the government are Jews. The leader of both the Labour Party and the Green Party are Jews. The new head of the Bank of England is a Jew from Goldman Sachs, the Rothschilds American Wall Street puppet who now control some of the European governments. Jews control most of Britain’s corporations and large businesses and have practically total control of the banking sector. It would not be wrong to say that Britain is a Jewish owned and run enterprise in which the indigenous white British people are mere guests, customers and consumers until such time as they will be racially genocided out of existance by Jewish promoted and instigated mass third-world immigration and Jewish promoted miscegenation.

How very, very easily the British Sheeple are themselves being led to the slaughter. Yes, Jerusalem will be re-builded here, and it is in Britain that the long Jewish path of fulfilling the wishes of the Talmud to turn the Goyim into slaves and cattle will be achieved. Dumbed down and out of their skulls on the cultural Marxist drugs of equality, diversity, feminism, pluralism, anti-racism and multiculturalism, they will be queuing up for the lobotomies.


The real ruler of Britain and America of whom the United States congress, senate, the great bankers like the Warburgs, Lehmann brothers, Goldman Sachs, the Queen, prime minister and parlament are mere bought and paid for lackeys, relations, fronts or puppets, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild whose family fortune is estimated at $275 trillion; half the wealth of the world. The house of Rothschilds created the state of Israel as an offshore vault for thousands of tons of their unregistered gold. the British military have been their mercenaries in economic wars disguised as humanitarian wars since after the battle of waterloo while United States forces fight for their interests today, all the way from occupying Germany to killing Muslims enemies of israel and seizing their central banks.
Britain’s last legitimate monarch King Edward VIII, overthrown in a ZOG coup by Victor Rothschild’s paid agent Winston Churchill to end the British people’s support for Germany. His successor was booed when he visited the east end of the London after the Blitz, a fact papered over by the Zionist controlled media of the time. An east end now racially genocided of it’s indiginous white population by a succession of Jewish and Marxist MP’s like Margaret Hodge (neé Oppenheimer) acting on behalf of the Rothschilds and using mass third world immigration and fixed housing lists to drive them out. The cockneys who dared to oppose the Jews are now almost extinct.
Buchenwald: Jewish film director Billy Wilder who made the movie “Some Like it Hot” accidently stept into shot as he films one of the staged schlok-horror “newsreels” shown all around the world of the camps at the end of the war. The mainly jews behind the psychological warfre department of the allied advance ensured that allies air forces deliberatley bombed all acces to the camps well in advance to prevent food and medicine getting in so that they knew in advance that they would have emaciated, starving inmates and piles of bodies of victims of cholera that they would claim were gassed, all lined uo for the hollywood movie teams waiting on stand-by to film. Inmates who were originally destined to go to Palastine before the war but were refused entry by the British government on the orders of Victor Rotschild precicly for this perpose. The British regime sent the BBC’s chief of propaganda Richard Dimbleby to co-operate in the effort. Not one single gaschamber has ever been subsequently found nor one single body has been produced for autopsy to prove the claim which was originaly dreamed up by the jewish-dominated British war propaganda unit.
David Dimbleby, BBC head of propaganda: ‘Big Brother is watching, watch what you think and say lest ye be jailed, I am the way the truth and the light, belive me for I am believable.’
Auschwitz Truthers Speak Up:
It is said that the original inspiration for Billy Butlin’s holiday camps were the German concentration camps at the beginning of the war.

Royal Family Funded Jewish Org To Brainwash And Mind-Control British Population: http://endzog.wordpress.com/2012/04/17/royal-family-funded-jewish-org-to-brainwash-and-mind-control-british-population/

Set-Up! Usain Bolt’s Olympic ‘Bitches’ Were Undercover Jews:

Dr William Pierce explains International Jewry’s obsession with spreading democracy even at the point of a gun:


NTS Notes:  I have been saying in many chat rooms, websites, etc, that these criminals were all Jews for years, and everyone would laugh and say that I was completely wrong… Well the proof is right here for everyone to see for themselves.

And about Kate Middleton… The entire world knows by now that she is expecting her first child.  What I suspect is that her baby will be born on the day of the Summer Solstice, June 21st, 2013 in a truly satanic ritual where the baby is ripped out of her body… Watch, and mark my words…

It does appear that the British crown will continue for the near future to be in the grip of evil Jewish hands.   It is sad that in spite of all their criminality, their pedophilia, and their acts of cold blooded murders, the British people will continue to revere, and adore these creatures!


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