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Turkey’s new role: From NATO lapdog to Emerging Empire


gearoidocolmain.org | August 30, 2016

The recent Turkish coup attempt marks a turning point in NATO’s war on Syria. An emerging empire and portal to the orient, Turkey has always played a key role in NATO’s ‘Drang Nach Osten’- the drive to encircle Russia, destroy its client-states Syria and Ukraine and serve as a bulwark against other emerging powers such as Iran. But now it seems Turkey may no longer be carrying out its designated role.

Stratfor director George Friedman claims Turkey is now a world power, whose military is more powerful than the French or British. The US strategy for Europe was to force Turkish entry into the EU – most recently through weapons of mass migration. The policy worked in Turkey’s favour. But the British decision to exit the European Union changed the balance of power. Moscow took the opportunity to extend the hand of friendship once more to Ankara. Just before last week’s coup attempt, there were reports of a possible detente between Turkey and Syria.

US/Turkish relations have soured considerably since 2013 when U.S-based billionaire Fetullah Gulen fomented the Gesi Park protest movement against the Erdoğan regime. Though there was certainly popular discontent in the country with Erdoğan’s Islamisation policies and his support for terrorism in Syria, the Gesi Park protests were really about pushing Gulen’s attempt to destabilise the regime and take over. Fethullah Gulen is the founder of a vast empire of private prep schools throughout the world. He promotes an extremist form of Islam.

Though originally close to Erdoğan’s Justice and Development Party, Gulen’s movement Hizmat (service) is less nationalist and therefore more amenable to US/Zionist interests. The Gulenist network operates as a fifth column in Turkey, a para-state operating at the highest levels of the military, intelligence and judicial apparatuses. I was asked by Russian state media RT to comment on the Turkish shooting down of a Russian jet in November 2015. I said then that the Turkish government was acting against the national interest. It has since transpired that the attack was carried out by Gulenist military personnel, who have been prosecuted for the crime. President Erdoğan recently apologised to Russian President Vladimir Putin for the attack. In fact, Turkey had indicated on July 13th that it intended to normalise relations with Syria, thus ending the war against Assad.  Contacts between Ankara and Damascus have been growing in recent months and it now looks like Russia and Turkey may have mended relations. Southstream, Russia’s plan to pipe oil to Europe through Turkey, had to be abandoned last year due to US pressure on Ankara. There is now a possibility of renegotiation recommencing between Moscow and Ankara. Recent Turkish/Iranian contacts also indicate that the Kurdish question is forcing Ankara to recalibrate its foreign policy.

The geopolitical theories of Greek Turkologist Dmitiry Kitsikis have had a major influence on Turkish foreign policy. Kitsikis is famous for promoting the notion of Turkey as a civilisation-state which naturally encompasses the region stretching from North Africa, through the Balkans and Eastern Europe; Kitsikis refers to this as the intermediate region. Turkey’s previous ‘good neighbourly’ policy seemed to be in accordance with  Kitsikian geopolitics but was sabotaged by Ankara’s collaboration with U.S. chaos strategy in the Middle East.

U.S. policy towards Turkey has been to support the regime as a strong regional power to wield against Russia while at the same time supporting the Kurdish YPG (people’s defence units) in Syria. US support for the Kurds is part of the long-term geopolitical remodelling of the region – the creation of what former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice at the start of the ‘Arab Spring’ uprisings in 2011 referred to as the “New Middle East”. The U.S and Israel want to carve out a Kurdistan in the region, which would become a client-state of Israel; thus providing the Zionist regime with an effective proxy army against its Arab enemies, once the Zionist Da’esh-fomented genocide has created the Lebensraum.

Erdoğan’s ambitions of reviving the Ottoman Empire in the Middle East threatens U.S. hegemony. The United States Navy rules the waves. The U.S will not allow another major maritime power to threaten its global control. Rapid economic growth and the paying off of its IMF debt in 2013 have seen Turkey emerge more and more as a strategic regional power with increasing independence and political assertiveness. Turkish investment in Africa has increased more than ten-fold since 2000. The Turks have been investing heavily in Somalia and have opened embassies all over Africa. Turkey is selling the notion of ‘virtuous power’ in Africa with infrastructural development projects and investments designed to compete with China and the United States. Turkish involvement in Somalia has turned the East African nation into a veritable client-state of the emerging Turkish Empire. In 2015, Turkey opened a military base in Somalia. Turkey will henceforth have a strategic reach in the Gulf of Aden, one of the most important oil choke-points in the world. Turkey also has plans to establish military bases in Azerbaijan, Qatar and Georgia.

Turkey also has a strategic relationship with Ethiopia where Chinese imperialism is currently outsourcing much of its industry. The result has been the U.S-backed ‘Oromo protest’ movement. The Turkish regime has been attempting to oust the presence of the Gulenist movement in many African countries by offering to supply Turkish state funds for education. A recent statement by a Turkish government spokesman alluded to Ankara’s desire to counter Western ‘neo-colonial’ interests in Africa. The statement clearly shows that Turkey intends to join the new ‘scramble for Africa’ as part of neo-ottoman imperialism.

Turkey’s drive for world power status, together with the decline of Europe as a political entity, means that Ankara will continue to flex its muscles in the international arena. The French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault has said that Turkey is no longer a reliable partner in NATO’s fight against the Islamic State. Of course, Turkey was never a partner in the war against the Islamic State as the Turkish regime has been arming and training the Islamic State terrorists along with its NATO partners and has been caught in flagrante delicto on several occasions. But what the French Foreign Minister’s remarks mean is that Turkey may no longer be as sanguine in its support for terrorism in Syria, due to the West’s support for the Kurds, rapprochement with Moscow and Damascus, and now more than ever after the failed U.S.-backed coup attempt.

That the United States was behind the coup attempt there is little doubt, though some prominent analysts such as Thierry Meyssan disagree that the coup was orchestrated by Gulenists. Fetullah Gulen is known to be close to the CIA and the U.S. obmutescence during the coup was typical of standard procedure during U.S. covert regime change operations. While Erdoğan is unquestionably a war criminal, who is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocents in Syria and Libya, nonetheless, as in the case of former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein, the Turkish leader seems to have fallen out of favour in the West. The media have already begun the demonisation process, showing pictures of his opulent palaces etc.

Turkey will pay dearly for the folly of abandoning it’s ‘good neighbourly’ regional policy, which showed some promise until 2011. It had a glorious opportunity then to exercise ‘virtuous power’. Now, the country could be facing civil war. The purge of Gulenists in the Turkish regime has already led to hundreds of arrests of top military and government personnel. If Turkey is to emerge as a regional empire, it will have to leave the Zionist axis and find a solution to the Kurdish question in conjunction with Syria and Russia. It now looks like previous plans agreed upon by Ankara and Paris to carve out a Kurdish state in Northern Syria may be abandoned. As the French escalate bombing of Raqqa in Syria in the wake of the Nice terrorist psyops, Turkey is facing a real state of emergency.

The situation is further complicated by Israel’s stance towards the Turkish coup attempt and its aftermath. The Turkish regime thanked Israel for its help quashing the coup. Furthermore, relations between Tel Aviv and Ankara have improved, in spite of the current dispute with Washington. One should not overlook the fact that, although the Israeli Lobby exerts considerable control over U.S. foreign policy, Israel often adopts a friendlier attitude to many of America’s so-called enemies. Israel’s relationship with Belarus has been generally good, in spite of repeated U.S. aggression. Israel’s relationship with Azerbaijan for has been good, in spite of major diplomatic rows with the U.S, Israeli/Russian relations are far better than Moscow’s relationship with Washington. Israel has always had a more nuanced oriental policy than the U.S. The Israelis are masters at playing both sides off each other in conflicts. During the Iran/Iraq war of the 1980s, the U.S. supported Saddam Hussein’s regime while Israel covertly supplied Iran with weapons on U.S. approval. The aforementioned Stratfor director George Friedman has said that the Iran/Iraq war would be a model for dealing with the rise of Turkey as a world power.

The United States cannot tolerate the emergence of a major maritime power like Turkey which, since the Cold War, has been used as a tool against Russia. Turkey’s Incirlik Airbase holds up to 80 percent of Washington’s nuclear arsenal in Europe. Ankara’s shift in foreign policy would signal the end of America’s drive for ‘full spectrum dominance, creating the conditions for a new imperial configuration- a geopolitical reconfiguration one could imagine as falling in with conjectures of a Moscow/Constantinople axis or ‘Third Rome’.

It is possible that the U.S. already sees that a reconfiguration of imperialist alliances is necessary with the influential former U.S. National Security Advisor Zbigniew Bzrezinski advocating a detente in U.S. relations with Russia and China. What is clear is that the world imperialist system is going through seismic changes. What prospects these changes have for working-class liberation remain to be seen.

Missing from the Debate: U.S. Aid to Israel Israel’s grandiose demands for more aid from Israel.

Missing from the Debate: U.S. Aid to Israel

The U.S. is offering Israel $40 billion in aid over the next 10 years. Pictured: Israel Defense  Forces.

Some Yiddish words will live forever, and chutzpah is one of them. What better word could describe Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s demand for more U.S. aid after he tried to obstruct President Obama’s nuclear agreement with Iran with a personal appeal to the Senate? But don’t expect aid to Israel to be a campaign topic. Both candidates favor it.

The U.S. and Israel have been bargaining since early July over a proposed ten-year U.S. aid package to Israel. The U.S. is offering Israel $40 billion in aid over that period, an increase of $10 billion a year, which the White House called “the largest pledge of military assistance to any country in U.S. history.” But that amount is not enough for the Israelis, who are demanding more.

For a recipient to bargain with a donor over the size of a handout is unusual enough, but Israel has received more U.S. aid over the years than any other nation in the world, despite having one of the highest per capita incomes in the Middle East. Israel has also benefited from its exemption from the rule that recipients of U.S. military aid must spend the money on American-made weapons.

The Israelis have nevertheless felt free to reject requests from Washington whenever it suits them. Every president since Jimmy Carter has asked Israel to freeze settlement construction, saying the settlements were an obstacle to peace. Israel has continued to build and expand settlements while objections from Washington have faded into silence. As long as this situation remains, however, there can be no peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.

A powerful effort by the U.S. and its allies is needed to change the current situation, but Israel’s well-funded American supporters have so far been able to stave off any attempt to pressure Israel. Defenders of what President Obama calls America’s “special relationship” with Israel frequently describe the Jewish state as the only democracy in the Middle East, and claim it is surrounded by potential enemies. Today, 50 years after Israel’s establishment, that description no longer fits the facts.

With the fifth largest military in the Middle East, and firm backing from the U.S., Israel no longer faces danger from its Arab neighbors. For the 2 million or so Palestinians who make up some 40 percent of the population, Israel is a flawed democracy at best, one in which they are second-class citizens. For the more than 4 million Palestinians living in Israeli-occupied Gaza and the West Bank, Israel is an oppressor nation.

After capturing the West Bank from Jordan, and Gaza from Egypt, in the 1967 war, Israel proceeded to build Jewish settlements in the newly occupied territories despite the fact that the Geneva Conventions of 1945 specifically forbid a conquering nation to build civilian settlements on captive territory. Since then the U.N. Security Council has passed numerous resolutions condemning Israel’s continued settlement construction and calling for its withdrawal from the West Bank and Gaza. The U.S. cast a veto each time.

At Oslo in 1993, Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin signed an agreement with Palestinian president Yasir Arafat in which he pledged to freeze settlement building in the occupied territories and make it easier for Palestinians to travel between Gaza and the West Bank. The agreement held out a promise that the Palestinians could soon establish an independent state in the West Bank and Gaza.

But the Oslo agreement was never implemented. The massacre of 29 Palestinians in Hebron by a Jewish settler in February 1994, followed by a round-the-clock curfew on Palestinians in that city, ignited often violent Palestinian resistance. Israel’s response was harsh and indiscriminate, involving pre-dawn house raids and arrests on the West Bank, targeted assassinations, border closings, travel restrictions and the placing of hundreds of new check points throughout the West Bank. Rabin’s assassination by a right-wing Israeli in November 1995 marked the effective end of Oslo.

Since then the cycle of Israeli oppression and Palestinian violence has continued, with periods of violence alternating with periods of uneasy calm. Several negotiating sessions between Israel and the Palestinians brokered by the U.S. have faltered, doomed by the great imbalance of power between the two sides and by Washington’s refusal to intervene in behalf of the Palestinians.

Gaza meanwhile has endured repeated Israeli air strikes and three full-scale invasions by Israel troops, along with a nine-year blockade that Israel imposed in 2007 after the Gazans elected a Hamas-led government. As a result of Israel’s actions, that densely populated territory has seen the collapse of its economy and a broken infrastructure. Homes, schools and public buildings destroyed or damaged by Israel bombing have yet to be rebuilt, and a majority of Gazans now rely on United Nations handouts to survive.

On the West Bank, meanwhile, hundreds of new homes for Israelis are under construction. Earlier this month, State Department spokesman John Kirby described Israel’s latest authorization of new settler housing as “fundamentally undermining the prospects for a two-state solution.” In fact, the prospects for a two-state solution had already faded. The number of settler homes has steadily increased over the years, so that today 600,000 Israelis live in the West Bank, and thanks to government subsidies more are moving in.

The territory is criss-crossed by highways intended for settler-use only and barred to Palestinians. Netanyahu declared after Israel’s last election that there would be no Palestinian state on his watch, and several members of his government  have openly declared their opposition to a two-state solution. According to Deputy Prime Minister Tsipi Hotovely, “God willed all of Palestine to Israel. This land is ours.”

Such statements issuing from a close ally of the West undoubtedly arouse anger in the Arab world and may even influence the handful of young Arab immigrants to Europe who turn to violence. Yet Israel’s continuing occupation is seldom mentioned in public discourse, and it’s a safe bet that it won’t be a prominent issue in the race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Consequently, an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement based on two independent states will remain a distant hope, and American taxpayers will continue subsidizing a military occupation that deprives millions of
Palestinians of their freedom.

Rachelle Marshall is a former editor and writer and a member of Mill Valley Seniors for Peace, a Jewish Voice for Peace, and Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom.

U.S.-Led Anti-ISIS Joke Coalition Snubs Kurds At Major Political Conference In DC; Foreign Policy Wisdom From Donald Trump; Proof That Coup Plotters In Turkey Were More Nuts Than They Appeared


Global coalition meeting to counter ISIS excludes YPG and Pêşmerga who have given thousands of martyrs in the war.

The U.S. will back stab the Kurds as they have in the past. Snubbing them at this major political conference is only one example of their record of treachery. Those who have studied history know that the devils who rule in Washington don’t keep their word with people they consider to be militarily useful but politically expendable. There are so many instances. In 2011 they used the Al-Qaeda terrorists in Libya to squash Gaddafi, calling them rebels, but when their objectives were met they immediately went back to calling them terrorists and targeting them in airstrikes.

The U.S.-led anti-ISIS joke of a coalition will use the YPG and Peshmerga to roll back ISIS, but, in the end, when the time comes for negotiations and politics, they’ll pretend that they don’t even exist. They’ll credit the battlefield victories to the Gulf-backed Arab racists in the Syrian opposition, who have made no contribution to defeating ISIS, as well as the Iran-backed Shiite sectarian government in Baghdad, whose policies have only created resentment and discord in Iraqi society since the illegal US invasion in 2003.

An excerpt from, “Transcript: Donald Trump on NATO, Turkey’s Coup Attempt and the World” The New York Times, July 21, 2016:

TRUMP: I’m only saying this. We’re spending money, and if you’re talking about trade, we’re losing a tremendous amount of money, according to many stats, $800 billion a year on trade. So we are spending a fortune on military in order to lose $800 billion. That doesn’t sound like it’s smart to me. Just so you understand though, totally on the record, this is not 40 years ago. We are not the same country and the world is not the same world. Our country owes right now $19 trillion, going to $21 trillion very quickly because of the omnibus budget that was passed, which is incredible. We don’t have the luxury of doing what we used to do; we don’t have the luxury, and it is a luxury. We need other people to reimburse us much more substantially than they are giving right now because we are only paying for a fraction of the cost.

Trump is speaking words of wisdom in this interview. But the evil press still portrays him as an idiot who doesn’t understand the world, NATO, or US foreign policy. But the stats, facts, and figures that Trump regularly cites speak for themselves.

U.S. leaders should focus on rebuilding their own broken country, not the broken Middle East. Donald Trump gained popularity because he catered to American interests and concerns, not the desires of foreign lobbies, the corrupt interests of the military-industrial complex, and stupid fantasies of world hegemony. The leaders of North Korea and Russia respect Trump because they see in him a sane and logical leader who is not out for war.

An excerpt from, “Turkish coupists planned to charge Erdogan with overly gentle treatment of Kurds – report” RT, July 21, 2016:

The document that was addressed to chief public prosecutor’s office in Inegol, Bursa province, accused the Turkish leadership of“supporting” the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, (PKK), considered terrorist in Turkey.

In particular, it accused Erdogan, Interior Minister Efkan Ala, National Intelligence Organization chief Hakan Fidan, provincial governors as well as former Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and former deputy prime ministers Besir Atalay and Yalcin Akdogan of conducting peace talks with the PKK leadership between 2009 and 2015.

The charges against Erdogan seem to be ironic as the Turkish president has on a number of occasions promised to “neutralize”the Kurds after a two and a half year ceasefire between the PKK and Ankara was shattered last July, which led to a massive army crackdown in the southeast of the country.

The militarization of the ethnic conflict in Turkey has done the country no good for several decades. The fact that the pro-coup plotters would’ve doubled down on a failed policy against the Kurds and the PKK, and prosecute the war even more harshly than Erdogan has, shows that Erdogan remaining in power saved Turkey from greater disasters.

As hard as it is to stomach, Erdogan is the lesser evil in Turkey. The CIA-backed Gulenists who wanted to take over the country are more Islamic, more anti-Russian, more anti-Kurdish, more anti-Syrian, and more pro-war. They would’ve done more damage to Turkey and its relationships with the Kurds, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Russia, you know, all the people in their neighbourhood.

Erdogan has shown the ability to compromise with the PKK in the past, and continues to make peaceful gestures towards his neighbours. Turkey under his totalitarian rule will be a nightmare, but at least he has inclinations to sit down and make peace with his enemies.

America’s self-destructive whites


Why is Middle America killing itself? The fact itself is probably the most important social science finding in years. It is already reshaping American politics. The Post’s Jeff Guo notes that the people who make up this cohort are “largely responsible for Donald Trump’s lead in the race for the Republican nomination for president.” The key question is why, and exploring it provides answers that suggest that the rage dominating U.S. politics will only get worse.

For decades, people in rich countries have lived longer. But in a well-known paper, economists Angus Deaton and Anne Case found that over the past 15 years, one group — middle-age whites in the United States — constitutes an alarming trend. They are dying in increasing numbers. And things look much worse for those with just a high school diploma or less. There are concerns about the calculations, but even a leading critic of the paper has acknowledged that, however measured, “the change compared to other countries and groups is huge.”

The main causes of death are as striking as the fact itself: suicide, alcoholism, and overdoses of prescription and illegal drugs. “People seem to be killing themselves, slowly or quickly,” Deaton told me. Thesecircumstances are usually caused by stress, depression and despair. The only comparable spike in deaths in an industrialized country took place among Russian males after the collapse of the Soviet Union, when rates ofalcoholism skyrocketed.

A conventional explanation for this middle-class stress and anxiety is that globalization and technological change have placed increasing pressures on the average worker in industrialized nations. But the trend is absent in any other Western country — it’s an exclusively American phenomenon. And the United States is actually relatively insulated from the pressures of globalization, having a vast, self-contained internal market. Trade makes uponly 23 percent of the U.S. economy, compared with 71 percent in Germany and 45 percent in France.

Deaton speculated to me that perhaps Europe’s more generous welfare state might ease some of the fears associated with the rapid change. Certainly he believes that in the United States, doctors and drug companies are far too eager to deal with physical and psychological pain by prescribing drugs, including powerful and addictive opioids. The introduction of drugs such as Oxycontin, a heroin-like prescription painkiller, coincides with the rise in deaths.

The answer might lie in expectations. Princeton anthropologist Carolyn Rousesuggested, in an email exchange, that other groups might not expect that their income, standard of living and social status are destined to steadily improve. They don’t have the same confidence that if they work hard, they will surely get ahead. In fact, Rouse said that after hundreds of years of slavery, segregation and racism, blacks have developed ways to cope with disappointment and the unfairness of life: through family, art, protest speech and, above all, religion.

“You have been the veterans of creative suffering,” Martin Luther King Jr. told African Americans in his “I Have a Dream” speech in 1963: “Continue to work with the faith that unearned suffering is redemptive.” Writing in 1960,King explained the issue in personal terms: “As my sufferings mounted I soon realized that there were two ways that I could respond to my situation: either to react with bitterness or seek to transform the suffering into a creative force. . . . So like the Apostle Paul I can now humbly yet proudly say, ‘I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus.’ ” The Hispanic and immigrant experiences in the United States are different, of course. But again, few in these groups have believed that their place in society is assured. Minorities, by definition, are on the margins. They do not assume that the system is set up for them. They try hard and hope to succeed, but they do not expect it as the norm.

The United States is going through a great power shift. Working-class whites don’t think of themselves as an elite group. But, in a sense, they have been, certainly compared with blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans and most immigrants. They were central to America’s economy, its society, indeed its very identity. They are not anymore. Donald Trump has promised that he will change this and make them win again. But he can’t. No one can. And deep down, they know it.

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Une nouvelle forme de propagande se fait jour en Europe : le gentil face au méchant


On laisse détruire nos frontières, notre monnaie, notre spiritualité, “mais c’est rien, parce qu’on est tellement gentils que tout le monde nous adore et veut venir chez nous”.Goebbels avait inventé une propagande assez efficace. Elle montrait avec force et entrain la puissance de l’armée régulière allemande et la vacuité de la résistance à la Wehrmacht. C’était le fort contre le faible. Comme si la nature en avait décidé ainsi. Par nature, l’Aryen était supérieur, il n’y avait pas d’alternative. Violente, agressive, photogénique, cette propagande a électrisé la foule germanique pour son malheur et celui des nations.
Autres temps, autres mœurs. Une nouvelle forme de propagande se fait jour en Europe. Cette fois, il s’agit non plus du fort face au faible, mais du gentil face au méchant. La différence majeure tient donc au fait que les tenants de la muselière mentale ne situent plus le cadre de leur sémantique dans un Parlement mais dans une cour de récréation. Il suffit de suggérer les réponses, à partir d’affirmations convenues puisant dans des codes connus et répétés.
On détruit des nations souveraines, « mais c’est bien, parce qu’on est les gentils, nous ».
On tisse des liens avec des régimes infects, « mais c’est pas grave, parce qu’on est les gentils, nous, alors on a des amis ».
On laisse détruire nos frontières, notre monnaie, notre spiritualité, « mais c’est rien, parce qu’on est tellement gentils que tout le monde nous adore et veut venir chez nous ».
C’est insupportable à lire, j’en conviens. J’arrête ici cette liste que les morveux adeptes d’un Goebbels en culotte courte pourraient étendre jusqu’en bas de page. Pourquoi est-ce insupportable à lire ? Parce qu’une telle immaturité nous fait honte. Cette bouillie est, hélas, un composé de cerveau à la Charlie.
Bons sentiments, suave inculture, sucrée guimauve. Ces merdeux en peau d’adulte tueront demain des gens dont le tort aura été de mal penser selon les totems médiatiques. Ils les écharperont au nom du vivre ensemble. Ils seront les victimes expiatoires de leurs vilaines pensées de faux gosses vrais pervers.
Un monde de gamins perdus et déboussolés est en cours de création dans les laboratoires de l’oligarchie. L’enfant peut être assez méchant, alors que dire de l’homme travesti en enfant… On compte sur lui pour ôter une à une les pattes velues des patriotes. Notre société est une fabrique de psychopathes mi-enfants mi-adultes. Demi monstres dédiés à expédier la justice.
Apres les Khmers rouges, les Khmers roses. Ils sentent bon le lait maternel, font leurs petits rots, ils aiment jouer. Ils sont les assassins bien-pensants et ethno-masochistes qui enclencheront la guerre civile. Les Charlie de l’hécatombe, avec bougie sur la tête en guise d’entonnoir.
Il n’est que de patienter pour voir si cette thèse est arbitraire ou si, entre Goebbels et TF1/Radio France, la différence est moins de nature que de degré. Paris semble occupé.

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Europa, vreau să te f…!


La ce se gîndea, oare, doamna Merkel Angela, în neuitata zi de 1 ianuarie a anului 2016, după calendarul creştin? Se gîndea la cum petrec invitaţii ei, adunaţi la Koln, pentru o vînătoare de femei? Sau se gîndea, recunoscătoare, la efortul de integrare a refugiaţilor surprinşi, scumpii de ei, cu mîna în chiloţii femeilor?rebuie, totuşi, menţionat, că poliţia a găsit şi mesajul migranţilor pentru situaţii de socializare cuviincioasă. Mulţi dintre ei purtau în buzunare bileţele pe nemeţeşte, cu un mesaj plecat din cu totul alte organe decît inima: Ich will dich finken! (Vreau să te f…!) Nu vom afla la ce cugeta Cancelarul Germaniei, în noaptea în care ţara ei serba, fără să ştie, prima zi a anului 1437, după socoteala calendarului islamic. Ştim însă altceva. Că adevărul gol-goluţ şi scabros despre femeile dezbrăcate cu forţa, pe stradă, la Koln şi în alte oraşe a avut nevoie de cinci zile pentru a învinge cenzura oficială. În Germania, lumina Europei. Mesajul cu adevărat sinistru plecat spre noi din inima Europei nu e scandalul sexual. E scandalul sexual încoronat de complicitatea autorităţilor. Consenul oficial german cere tăcere şi supunere. Poliţia, ziarele, televiziunile, primarii, directorii de şcoală şi atâţia alţi domni şi doamne cu creiere lucind de curăţenie după spălătură au decis că neamul lor e dator să sufere cu plăcere şi în tăcere. Femeile pot fi, adică, violate cu voie de la poliţie, dacă distinşii autori sînt ambasadori ai tradiţiilor afro-arabe şi, cu atît mai mult, dacă sînt refugiaţi. Germania şi atîtea alte state vest-europene trăiesc sub şantaj. Orice protest, orice deget îndreptat spre valul de violuri care bîntuie de la Oslo la Zurich e imediat înregistrat la capitolul rasism sau extremism în prag de fascism. E de datoria organelor publice să nege şi să ascundă faptele. Adevărul e periculos pentru că n-ar face decît să toarne ţiţei (actualmente foarte ieftin) pe foc, stîrnind extremismul. Adevărat, ZDF, o televiziune germană care s-a făcut că plouă şi a ţinut deschisă umbrela care a protejat violurile, a trebuit să ceară scuze pentru că a sărit peste ştirile de la Koln. Adevărat, poliţia a admis că în mulţimea de la Koln se aflau şi afro-arabi, după care a admis că marea majoritate erau afro-arabi, după care a admis că 15 erau refugiaţi, după care a mai socotit o dată şi a aflat că marea majoritate erau refugiaţi. Dar toate astea numai şi numai sub presiunea revoltei de pe net, noua subterană şi noul samizdat al democraţiilor europene. Nu demult, dna Merkel îi cerea discret dlui Zuckerberg să vină de hac paginilor de Facebook în care se adună critici antimigraţie. Dl. Zuckerber e, însă, tare de ureche şi bine face. Noul fanatism antioccidental al Occidentului a creat propriul val de refugiaţi: pe net, unde se strîng şi comunică oameni siliţi să înţeleagă realitatea, dînd cu capul sau cu picoarele larg deschise de ea. O generaţie începe să priceapă că istoria nu e parfum, că lumea nu e geometrie plană şi că Gulag nu e transcrierea greşită a lui Google. S-ar putea să fie prea tîrziu. Asta, pentru că, după ce a abolit dreptul la liberă exprimare punînd pumnul în gură oricărei opinii contrare, conformismul eurogerman a renunţat şi la normele de bază ale civilizaţiei occidentale. Aşa de pildă, un grijuliu diriginte german a scris recent o scrisoare în care cere părinţilor să nu îşi trimită copiii la şcoală cu bluze sau fuste care i-ar putea stîrni pe musulmani. E clar că Gernania face cele mai bune maşini din lume şi nu se poate opri nici cînd e vorba de oameni. La fel ca superiorii lui din vîrful sistemului politic, acest mic idiot local crede automat că poate domestici realitatea, înainte să o cunoască. E ciudat, dar nu întîmplător că germanii sînt obsedaţi de natura cu păsărele şi broscuţe în pericol, dar ignoră total natura umană. Ce ar fi trebuit să înţeleagă aceşti funcţionari împinşi la ruină de propria orbire?  Ar fi trebuit să observe că milionul şi ceva de refugiaţi admişi în Germania şi Scandinavia e compus în proporţie de 70% din băieţi şi bărbaţi tineri. Germania refuză să vadă că are sub ochi un val de bărbaţi în carne, oase şi hormoni. Autentic sau nu, un refugiat lasă acasă multe, dar ia cu el cultura, adică obişnuinţele de fiecare zi din ultimele cîteva sute de ani.                      În lumea din care vin aceşti oameni, orice femeie neîmpăturită în ţoale pînă sub ochi cere să fie violată. Iar o femeie violată e declarată boarfă şi trebuie omorîtă cu pietre de familia sau clanul care îşi recîştigă astfel onoarea. În lumea din care vin aceşti oameni, datina spune că o femeie poate fi posedată pentru că e un obiect cu ţîţe. În cazul fetelor, se poate coborî sub 14 ani – în cazul caprelor şi al oilor, chiar mai jos. În lumea noastră, barbaria sexuală e împotriva legii. În lumea din care vin aceşti oameni, barbaria sexuală nu e împotriva legii. E legea. Asta trebuiau să ştie meticuloşii germani. Nu era nevoie de deplasări sau studii speciale. Acasă, în centrele germane de primire a refugiaţilor, realitatea strigă singură degeaba. Spaţiile de cazare sînt locuri de siluire în care femeile sînt luate la rînd de toată suflarea bărbătească sau închiriate cu 10 euro şedinţa. Un lucrător de la un centru de primire de lîngă Munchen a spus-o pe şleau, ca să înţeleagă tot neamţul: sîntem cel mai mare bordel din Bavaria! Şi, ca să nu facem atîta caz de Germania, merită amintiţi italienii care zac în şomaj, îşi pierd casa, bat la uşa primăriei cu familia după ei şi sînt trimişi înapoi în stradă: spaţiile libere sînt pentru refugiaţi! Dar pentru asta trebuie săpat în ziare şi emisiuni italiene pe care nu le ia nimeni în seamă. Nu asta e actualitatea europeană de prim ordin! Actualitatea europeană de prim ordin e alta. E situaţia din Polonia! Comisia Europeană vrea să o discute peste cîteva zile, pe motiv de încălcare oficială a libertăţii presei. Corect! Modelul de urmat e presa germană. Şi, oricum, niciun guvern esteuropean de dreapta autentică nu trebuie lăsat nepedepsit. Dar situaţia din Germania nu e oare de discutat? Dar situaţia din Europa nu ar merita o discuţie cît de căt sinceră? Acum 10 ani, faimosul teoretician rus V. Putin declara că prăbuşirea Uniunii Sovietice a fost cea mai mare catastrofă a secolului. Copilării! Titlul a fost cucerit de altcineva. Dna Merkel şi invitaţia ei la migraţie liberă în Germania sînt cea mai mare catastrofă a secolului. Deocamdată, sîntem la faza în care oaspeţii dnei Merkel îşi satisfac cea mai urgentă nevoie: Europa, Ich will dich finken! Traducerea, în titlu. Felicitări beneficiarilor şi adio cote de refugiaţi! Avem alte treburi. Curînd, intră pe rol legalizarea căsătoriilor homosexuale. Încă o şansă să dovedim că sprijinim progresul.





Ergün Poyraz (below), in his 2007 book Children of Moses, wrote that Turkey’ Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and his wife, are crypto-Jews, who secretly work with Israeli intelligence.


Erdogan was elected President of Turkey early 2014.  He previously served as the Prime Minister of Turkey from 2003 to 2014 and as the Mayor of İstanbul from 1994 to 1998.

Poyraz’s book that put him in Prison – ‘Children of Moses’

In 2007, Poyraz was arrested and eventually sentenced to 29 years in prison.Poyraz claims that Erdoğan came to power as part of a Zionist conspiracy devised by Turkey’s JİTEM, a secret government intelligence unit.
JİTEM is believed to be behind many bombings, attacks and assassinations, and is believed to be linked to Ergenekon, which was part of the CIA’s Operation Gladio.

Above, we see the American Jewish Congress handing to Erdogan a Jewish ‘profiles of courage award’.

According to Ergün Poyraz, Erdogan has spoken to the Jewish Anti-Defamation League and theAmerican Jewish Committee.

Turkey has a large crypto-Jewish population.

Erdogan with his Jewish classmate Rafael Sadi. They studied economics together.As Turkey’s prime minister, Erdogan helped Israel and its friends carry out the Arab Spring.
Erdogan has helped the Israel in its attacks on Syria and Iraq.

Turkey’s military, whose wiretapping equipment is used by Israel to spy on Turks. Website for this image
Erdogan supported Israel becoming a member of the OECD, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.Erdogan’s government has made multi-billion dollar defense contracts with Israeli firms.

Erdogan and friends.

Necmettin Erbakan, a former Prime Minister of Turkey, claims that Erdogan’s tough line on Israel is a façade to deceive the Turkish public.

(Erbakan criticizes Israel, accuses Erdoğan of being part of Jewish plot.)


Erbakan says:

“Why on earth did Erdogan’s AK Party give a ‘go ahead’ to the membership of Israel in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and not block membership?

“Why did the Turkish government consent to multi-billion dollars worth of defense contracts with Israeli firms?

“Erdogan says ‘one-minute’ to Peres during Davos but conducts business as usual with the Jewish state. This is hypocrisy.”




Ergün Poyraz, in his 2007 book Children of Moses, wrote that Turkey’ Recep TayyipErdoğan, and his wife, are crypto-Jews, who secretly work with Israeli intelligence.

Erdogan has just been elected President of Turkey.

In 2007, Poyraz was arrested and eventually sentenced to 29 years in prison.

Poyraz claims that Erdoğan came to power as part of a Zionist conspiracy devised by Turkey’s JİTEM, a secret government intelligence unit.

JİTEM is believed to be behind many bombings, attacks and assassinations, and is believed to be linked to Ergenekon, which was part of the CIA’s Operation Gladio.

Above, we see the American Jewish Congress handing to Erdogan a Jewish ‘profiles of courage award’.

According to Ergün Poyraz, Erdogan has spoken to the Jewish Anti-Defamation League and the American Jewish Committee.

Turkey has a large crypto-Jewish population.
Erdogan with his Jewish classmate Rafael Sadi. They studied economics together.

As Turkey’s prime minister, Erdogan helped Israel and its friends carry out the Arab Spring.

Erdogan has helped the Israel in its attacks on Syria and Iraq.

Turkey’s military, whose wiretapping equipment is used by Israel to spy on Turks. Website for this image
Erdogan supported Israel becoming a member of the OECD, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Erdogan’s government has made multi-billion dollar defense contracts with Israeli firms.

Erdogan and friends.

Necmettin Erbakan, a former Prime Minister of Turkey, claims that Erdogan’s tough line on Israel is a façade to deceive the Turkish public.

(Erbakan criticizes Israel, accuses Erdoğan of being part of Jewish plot.)

Erbakan says:

“Why on earth did Erdogan’s AK Party give a ‘go ahead’ to the membership of Israel in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and not block membership?

“Why did the Turkish government consent to multi-billion dollars worth of defense contracts with Israeli firms?

“Erdogan says ‘one-minute’ to Peres during Davos but conducts business as usual with the Jewish state. This is hypocrisy.”

Turkey was important on 9 11.

A Turk called Louai Sakka (above) was hired by the CIA in 2000.
He helped train the 9 11 ‘hijackers.’

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan (Left) attends a CIA-Al-Qaeda-Mossad meeting in Libya.

Reportedly, Israel was allowed to use a base in Turkey to attack Syria.

http://www.liveleak.com / http://www.syrianews..

According to RT: the Israeli strike on Syria was carried out from a Turkish base

“News that Turkey assisted Israel in attacking another Muslim state could result in serious turmoil for Ankara, once the information is confirmed.”
Israeli strike on Syria was carried out from Turkish base

“Reports detail around 160,000 Russian troops were called to ‘combat readiness’ following an Israeli strike on Russian-made missiles in Syria.”

Israeli attack on Syria, ‘from a Turkish base.’

Reportedly, Mossad wants its agents and assets to run all of the Moslem countries and organisations.

Reportedly, Turkey is the model.

The Gaza Flotilla was a Turkish-Israeli false flag operation, according to reports – ISLAMISTS WORKING FOR ISRAEL

“The agent who co-ordinated the NATO/Mossad Gaza Flotilla false flag was Abdelhakim Belhadj, who is now in charge of NATO´s training of the so called ‘Free Syrian Army’.

“Further more, the Palestinian Intelligence Source stated, that ‘certain high ranking members of Hamas had been involved in planning the operation’…”

GLADIO, Bin Laden to Erdogan, Belhadj and Hamas: Mossad’s and NATO’s Dirty Underwear 2012.


“It is thought that the Gaza flotilla massacre was a huge deception orchestrated by Turkey and Israel in order to facilitate the elimination of certain Turkish figures who had been opposed to Erdogan’s intended war on Syria…”

“In addition to al-Harati, NATO darling Abdelhakim Belhaj himself was also on board the Mavi Marmara on that fateful night.”

Was the Gaza Flotilla Massacre a Turkish-Israeli False Flag and Precursor to the War on Syria?

Gulen and a Pope with Jewish roots.

Erdogan was helped into power by the Turkish ‘Moslem’ Fethulah Gulen and his Gulen movement.

On 6 August 2011, The Economist reported on Fethullah Gülen who is friendly towards Israel

(A hard act to follow).

Gulen reportedly has links to heroin.

(Funded by Heroin Via the CIA …)

“These days the religious teacher who wields most influence over the Turks is Fethullah Gulen,” said The Economist.

In 2010, nine Turks, taking supplies to Gaza, were killed by Israeli commandos.

Gulen said it was partly the Turkish side’s fault: the flotilla should not have defied Israel.

Gulen (right) with the Chief Rabbi of Israel.

Gulen lives in America and has been accused of having links to the CIA.

The Gulen movement “forms the apex of a huge conglomerate that includes NGOs, firms, newspapers and college dormitories in Turkey, plus schools across the world.”

Obama visiting a Gulen school in Washington.

On 29 June 2010, Paul Williams PhD wrote: “Gulen Movement Funded by Heroin Via the CIA …

According to Paul Williams:

1.Court records and the testimony of former government officials show that FethullahGulen, who presently resides in Pennsylvania, has amassed more than $25 billion in assets from the heroin route which runs from Afghanistan to Turkey.

2.Sibel Edmonds, a former FBI translator, testified that the drug money has been channeled into Gulen’s coffers by the C.I.A.”

According to Sibel Edmonds: ‘A lot of the drugs were going to Belgium with NATO planes.

‘After that, they went to the UK, and a lot came to the US via military planes to distribution centers in Chicago, and Paterson, New Jersey.’

“Ms. Edmonds further said that Turkish diplomats, who would never be searched by airport officials, have come into the country ‘with suitcases of heroin.'”

3. According to Sibel Edmonds and other government witnesses, the CIA uses Gulen to help the USA obtain control of Moslem countries.

“Turkey, the U.S. officials came to realize, could serve as a perfect ‘proxy’ since it was a NATO ally that shared the same language, culture, and religion as the other Central Asian countries…

“The only way to provide Gulen with sufficient funds to topple Turkey’s secular regime and to conduct education jihad within the Russian republics came from the poppy fields of Afghanistan…

“In his native Turkey, Gulen’s vast fortune has been used to create Erdogan’s Justice and Democratic Party (AKP), which has gained control of the government…

“Abdullah Gul, Turkey’s first Islamist President, is a Gulen disciple along with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan,and Yusuf Ziya Ozcan, the head of Turkey’s Council of Higher Education…”


4. “Gulen has established thousands of madrassahs (Islamic religious schools) throughout Central Asia where students are indoctrinated in the tenets of militant Islam…

5. “Is Gulen really affiliated with the CIA?

“In support of his application for permanent residency status, Gulen obtained letters of support and endorsement, from Graham Fuller and other former CIA officials.

“His petition was also endorsed by former Under Secretary of State Marc Grossman, and former Ambassador to Turkey Morton Abramowitz.”

Istanbul Street Scene
Istanbul by mandalaybus )
In 1948, Turkey was among the first countries to recognise Israel.

(Bad new vibrations)

Under a military co-operation deal in 1996, Israeli pilots have been training in Turkish skies.

In 2007, Turkish-Israeli bilateral trade rose to $2.7 billion.

Between 2006 and 2007, the number of Israelis visiting Turkey went up from 362,000 to 511,400—more than 7% of Israel’s population.

Recep Erdogan

In 1974 there were rumours of Israeli aid to the Turkish military in its invasion of Cyprus.

(The Ostrovsky Files.)

The Turkish military, said to contain crypto-Jews, has close ties to Israel.

‘Israel uses wiretapping equipment it sold to Turkey on Turkish citizens’

According to Turkey’s pro-government newspaper Taraf, the Turkish army’s deputy chief of staff, Aslan Guner, bought wiretapping equipment in Israel in 2007.

Reportedly, Israel uses this equipment to listen in to the cell phone conversations of Turkish citizens.

Israel supplies the Turkish military with aerial drones and electronics.

Former Turkish President, Abdullah Gul, alleged ‘agent of the CIA’.

Some people believe that the CIA stopped supporting certain Turkish generals who had become too nationalistic.

Hence certain revelations about Ergenekon, the group in Turkey which carried out acts of false flag terrorism.

The military, and presumably Ergenekon, are said to be split into two factions. There are those who see the value of having links with neighbours Russia and Iran and those who oppose this. The latter faction want to keep close to Israel, the USA and Europe.

David Cameron and Abdullah Gul, November 2010.

On 8 November 2010, Turkey’s President Gül said that Turkey is playing an active role in shaping the New World Order.

(President Gül: Turkey plays active role in shaping new world order)

Gül was speaking at London’s Chatham House, said to be a front for the security services.

(Chatham House: MI6 Front And Corporate Think-Tank)

Chatham House, also known as the Royal Institute of International Affairs, is the sister organisation of the US Council on Foreign Relations.

Chatham House has presented Gül with its prestigious Chatham House Prize.

During his speech Gül suggested that the Cold War era world system was yet to be replaced by a new and effective system.

Gül suggested that the new order will be accomplished in the next decade.

Gül said that this new order must focus on the whole world and reject a Euro-centric understanding of history and international affairs.

Gül said that the new order must be a multicultural one where a single power’s hegemony is absent.

Gül had a meeting with British Prime Minister David Cameron, a staunch supporter of Turkey’s accession into the EU.

On plans to build a NATO-wide missile defense system, Gül dismissed claims that the planned shield is designed to protect Israel from a possible Iranian missile attack.

Gul studied for two years in London and Exeter in the United Kingdom.

Gul is an Honorary Knight Grand Cross of the Civil Division of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath

On 10 February 2010, Dikran Ego wrote that Erdogan’s government might set up a fascist state.

(Turkey) (Government Sponsored Terror Squad Killing Assyrians, Other Minorities in Turkey)


Turkey is famous for heroin and hairless boys.

Ataturk, the leader of Turkey from 1923-1938, is still the most popular man in Turkey.

According to Patrick Balfour, Lord Kinross, Ataturk had sexual “adventures with young boys, if the opportunity offered and the mood, in this bisexual fin-de-si cle Ottoman age.”

According to Irfan and Margaret Orga, Ataturk “was used to … the craze for handsome young men, (and) fleeting contacts with prostitutes… His body burned for … a boy.”

According to H.C. Armstrong, in Mustafa Kemal, An Intimate Study, Ataturk “started a number of open affairs … with men. Male youth attracted him…”

Gay Influence: Ataturk

Attaturk abolished Shari’ah law and closed Islamic religious schools

Ataturk banned the veil, gave women the right to vote, and ordered men to appear in public with their wives.

Before the CIA started using al Qaeda to carry out its acts of terrorism, it used various fascists.

NATO used the fascist Grey Wolves to carry out acts of terrorism in Turkey, reportedly.

The purpose of of the Grey Wolves was to keep the mafia generals in power.


Turkey is now famous for its heroin.

In 2004, Dr Ertan Bese, of the Turkish National Police Academy, wrote that the underworld economy of Turkey is worth $60bn.

This is 25 per cent of Turkeys national income.

Much of this $60 billion comes from heroin trafficking.

The Susurluk Legacy – Nachrichten Heute

Sibel Edmonds

The former FBI official Sibel Edmonds has said that in Turkey heroin trafficking cannot take place without the permission of the military and the permission of Turkish intelligence.

The Susurluk Legacy – Nachrichten Heute

Turkey is responsible for between 75 and 90 per cent of all heroin in the UK, according to Mark Galeotti, a former intelligence officer and expert on the Turkish mafia.

The Susurluk Legacy – Nachrichten Heute

Mehmet Erdogan, the nephew of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan

On 13 February 2010, Today’s Zaman reported that Mehmet Erdogan, the nephew of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, had been convicted on charges of drug trafficking and sentenced to prison by an Istanbul court.

The police seized 50 kilograms of heroin.

Prime minister’s nephew convicted of drug trafficking – Today’s Zaman

Gulen ‘of the CIA’.

Reportedly, court records, and the testimony of former government officials, show that Fethullah Gulen has made $25 billion from the trafficking of heroin, from Afghanistan to Turkey.

Sibel Edmonds, the former FBI translator, has testified that Fethullah Gulen works with the CIA.


Gulen’s home in Pennsylvania

The USA, NATO and Israel are said to have a plan to break up Turkey.


The interior minister Muammer Guler’s son Baris Guler is arrested

On 17 December 2013, Turkish police detained more than 50 people, including the sons of three cabinet ministers, in a corruption investigation.

The corruption is said to involve gold smuggling, and bribery in the awarding of state contracts and the designation of land for development.

Once-staunch ally turns on Erdogan in Turkish corruptionprobe

On 18 December 2013, it was reported that the Turkish police chiefs who reportedly oversaw the wave of high-profile arrests for bribery have been removed from their posts.

Turkey ‘sacks police chiefs after bribery raids’

Image: http://www.kurdistan-post.

In 1996, a car crashed in the town of Susurluk, in Turkey.

The car contained a top police chief and a top politician.

The car also contained a man called Abdullah atli, who was a drug trafficker and contract killer with links to fascism and the CIA’s Operation Gladio.

In 1998 the magazine Monde Diplomatique alleged that Abdullah atli organized the 1981 attempt to assassinate the Pope, “in exchange for the sum of 3 million German mark”

In 1989, Catli was on Interpol’s ‘most wanted’ list.

In 1989, Catli was able to travel to the USA, be granted residency, settle in Chicago, and continued to conduct his operations.

According to Cengiz Candar, “Susurluk revealed weird connections between state officials and those who operate outside the limits of the law. It happened at a time when we had a lot of extra-judicial killings in Turkey.”

“But the investigation stopped just as there was speculation it was reaching very sensitive spots, even the military establishment. That only confirmed the existence of these networks in the public consciousness.”

(‘Deep state plot’ Coup rumours about rogue security officials set Turkey abuzz)




War With Russia to Defend ISIS? Gee, Okay…


Hey, remember back in those “good ol’ days” we called the Cold War when we thought World War Three would begin over some penny-ante border skirmish in Europe? You know, a Soviet plane gets close to the border, we panic, it gets shot down. Then the Soviets decide to shoot down the next plane that tries that again. Then it escalates from there. Well, folks, have a look at this.

There. Putin just placed some long-range surface-to-air missiles in Syria. The next Turkish F-16 pilot to play Top Gun is going to get a hotfoot he’ll never forget. Ok, but let’s get back to the Cold War for a second. Can anyone imagine it being 1983 and Reagan giving the okey-dokey to shoot down a Soviet aircraft? Of course not. Not even Reagan was that bonkers. If Turkey had said they were going to do that, they’d have been told in no uncertain terms: Absolutely not. We’d have never allowed a NATO nation to threaten such a thing, much less carry out that threat. They’d have been told to follow the protocols which are to send up planes and escort the aircraft away. That’s what NATO has been doing since they provoked the Russians into resuming Bear bomber excursions close to NATO airspace. They escort the planes away. They don’t shoot them down, no matter how many bloodthirsty whack-jobs were calling for it.

Also, the surviving crewman of the shot-down Russian plane has been recovered. Guess where? Syria! Gee, how’d that happen? If the Russian plane was in Turkey, how comes the Turks didn’t capture the guy? And since the pilot was killed by ground fire coming from al-Qaida, there are only two possibilities there. One, the plane was in Syria, which we can pretty much say is a given. Or, two, the plane was in Turkey and al-Qaida is getting safe haven in Turkey. So, ok, Turkey, which one was it? Was the plane in Syria when your F-16s ambushed it? Or are you harboring al-Qaida?

I bet NATO nations that want to stay out of this are crapping enough bricks to build a pyramid at this point. I hear tell that Turkish F-16s cross into Syria with some regularity. Sooner or later, one will get bagged by a Russian SAM crew. Or the next F-16 to shadow a Russian plane is going to get a supersonic parting gift. “Vanna, tell our contestant what he’s won!” “He’s won a surface-to-air missile and a free trip by parachute into the arms of his air rescue crew!” Turkey goes whining to NATO and demands assistance. There, we’re in World War Three. I tend to think this entire thing has been staged and Turkey was coached in it by those who want to get us into a war by any means necessary. I tend to think that actor is the Pentagon. They probably think the President and Congress aren’t getting us into a war fast enough.

Here’s what’s obviously going down over there. Turkey is, and always has been, supporting al-Qaida and ISIS. Both of them are covertly supported by the United States which is why a year-plus-change-you-can-believe-in’s worth of airstrikes haven’t even cost ISIS a magazine subscription. ISIS and al-Qaida have been using Turkey as a safe haven and that’s the starting point of the ISIS version of the Ho Chi Minh Trail. How come ISIS keeps getting resupply? Because Turkey is where the supply depot is. So, ok, ISIS ends up nuttier than a fruitcake but we still need them to get rid of Assad, so we just kick the can down the road, hoping an international coalition will get rid of ISIS later. But here came the Russians and no one thought that would happen. And it might not have if NATO and the U.S. had minded their own business in Ukraine. So Putin moved up his pieces on the board. But now here was the chance to get the war we wanted to start in Ukraine started in Syria and kill two birds with one stone. So to speak. Hence, Turkey was not challenged and warned off by the U.S. when they said they were going to shoot down Russian planes. In fact, that’s exactly what the Pentagon needed. And now it’s happened.

See, the Pentagon thinks it can win a war with Russia. Seriously. They do. Because even if it goes nuclear, as long as we wipe them out and we’ve got a handful of bureaucrats and generals alive in their bunkers, we won! Hooray! Aren’t you all excited and proud to be an American right now? Gee, it’s swell to know we didn’t scrap all those nuclear weapons after the Cold War. We scrapped the air raid sirens so, hey, if you’re in the shower you might not even know the world is going to end before you’re done washing your hair. Don’t worry about drying it, the heat flash will do that for you.

Don’t you just love it? I can’t see any other conclusion that can be arrived at except that we’re about to risk a war with Russia over al-Qaida. Makes you wonder if al-Qaida ever was formally off the CIA payroll.

The Historic Alliance of Jewish and Gentile Elites

Samuel OPPENHEIMER Court Jew 1630 -1703 HR.jpg
(left, Samuel Oppenheimer, Court Jew and banker 1630-1703)
Throughout history, elite Jews have allied with the aristocracy
to control and exploit the masses.
The same pattern is evident in the New World Order where the
elite class sponsors false flag terror as a pretext to enslave society.
We suffer from cognitive dissonance.
Their media tells us the threat is external but the evidence shows
the traitorous elite uses intelligence agencies and police to conduct
a covert war on society.
The Real Cause of “Anti Semitism”
By Henry Makow Ph.D.
(Revised from Oct 25, 2003)

My Polish Jewish mother, born in 1919, remembered visiting her grandfather’s “estate” as a child and riding in a big horse drawn carriage.

This memory jarred with my impression that Jews in Poland were persecuted and poor. Most, like my father’s family, were poor. But my mother’s memory reveals that other Jews were part of the ruling class.

Israel Shahak’s book “Jewish History, Jewish Religion; The Weight of 3000 Years” (1994) suggests that the social pattern developed over centuries may continue to the present day.

According to Shahak, elite Jews had a symbiotic relationship with the governing class. The Jews would “administer the oppression” of the masses. In return, the governing class would force ordinary Jews to obey their “leaders.” Sometimes a pogrom would do the trick.

The “Jewish” position was always strongest when the governing class was most oppressive, and when there was least national feeling.

Today, specific Jews (in finance, government, education and especially the media) play a prominent role in the elite’s preparation for “globalization,” which is a modern form of feudalism. Once again, “anti Semitism” is used to mobilize Jews (and Christians) to support

this nefarious agenda.



History is propaganda about the past. Most historians don’t tell the truth because they would be fired. Israel Shahak, who died in 2001, was not an historian. He was a professor of organic chemistry at Hebrew University. He had a scientist’s respect for objective truth. He was also a concentration camp survivor, an Israeli army veteran and a campaigner for Arab human rights.

Shahak believes that Jews need to re-educate themselves about their history and religion. Jews are “a closed society” that uses “anti Semitism” to quash criticism, which is considered “hatred” or “self hatred.” Shahak says Judaism is largely a primitive, materialistic, authoritarian credo. The Talmud is devoted to Jewish supremacy and contempt for Christianity and non-Jews in general. The Cabala embraces many gods including Satan. (Shahak, p. 33)

The following is a brief summary of Shahak’s argument in the chapter, “The Weight of History.”

1. In spite of persecution, Jews throughout history formed an integral part of the privileged classes. The poorest Jew was immeasurably better off than the serfs. Until roughly 1880, their most important social function “was to mediate the oppression of the peasants on behalf of the nobility and the Crown.”

2. Classical Judaism (1000-1880 AD) developed hatred and contempt for agriculture as an occupation and for peasants as a class. “The supposed superiority of Jewish morality and intellect…is bound up with a lack of sensitivity for the suffering of that major part of humanity who were especially oppressed during the last 1000 years, the peasants.” (53)

3. While Gentiles in general were reviled, Jewish laws made an exception for the elite. Jewish physicians, tax collectors and bailiffs could be relied upon by a king, nobleman, pope or bishop in a way that a Christian might not. The Jewish community enjoyed autonomous status and Jewish rabbis and rich were part of the governing class. Together they oppressed the masses, Jew and non-Jewish. (53)

4. The position of rich Jews is “particularly favourable under strong regimes, which have retained a feudal character” and are disassociated from the people they rule. “But in those countries where…the nobility enters into partnership with the king (and with at least part of the bourgeoisie) to rule the state, which assumes a national character,” the position of the Jewish elite deteriorates.

5. However the position of the Jewish masses moved in tandem with the peasants not their leaders. The stronger the Jewish elite, the more tyrannical its grip over the Jewish people. For example, at the rabbis’ request, the state would flog or imprison a Jewish vendor for opening his stall on a minor holiday.

In Shahak’s words, “Israel and Zionism are a throw-back to the role of classical Judaism, writ large on a global scale…”

“The state of Israel now fulfills towards the oppressed peasants of many countries, not only in the Middle East, but far beyond it, a role not unlike the Jews of pre-1795 Poland: that of a bailiff to the imperial oppressor. ” He refers to Israel’s role as a linchpin in the imperial system. It helps keep neighboring Arab regimes in power (11) and arms Third World dictators. He wonders why religious Jews are major participants in the arms trade and rabbis are silent.

Shahak believes the Jewish people need to overcome the “tyranny” of their religion. Only an “unrelenting critique” of the past will achieve a “genuine revolution.” (74)


A Jewish reader wrote to me: “It is the Jewish mission to be a light or spiritual guide to the nations…We [uphold] an ethical and moral God, without which we would descend into barbarism in an instant. And it is THIS which has caused Christianity to murder Jews throughout the centuries.”

I beg to differ. Far from being a “light unto humanity” many Jews (as well as so-called Christians) “mediate the oppression” for the governing class. This and the fact that Judaism defined by Cabala is Satanism, are the real causes of anti Semitism.

The New World Order is a revival of feudalism. The rich rule as kings and humanity is en-serfed. It is happening before our eyes. Religion, art and education are debased. Civil rights are taken away. Men are emasculated and families destroyed. Jobs and technology are shipped abroad.

The Jewish moral mission? How about “Thou Shall Not Steal” and “Thou Shall Not Kill?” Zionists have stolen the homes and land where Arabs lived for more than 50 generations.

We cannot change the truth just because we don’t like it. The real cause of anti Semitism is found in the Jewish religion and in the role of the Jewish elite, their lackeys and dupes.


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